The 5 core pillars of who Warrior Women are & how they WIN

FREE 5 day live training

Join my next FREE 5 day live training where i take you through the 5 core pillars of who Warrior Women are and how they win with daily resources and supportive tribe to cheer you along. YES! This is completely FREE and you will get massive results IF you you show up and do the work. 

My Services

Coach | Trainer | Speaker

Come and meet the tribe

A monthly sundowner in Perth were we share our wins, our challenges, do some learning and some networking over a glass of wine and nibbles

Training & Events Australia wide

Twice a year we run a national tour of Nicky's half day training - "how to go from Worrier to Warrior and TAKE CHARGE in your life & career"
You can pre-book you ticket here

Your Warrior Mastermind

A transformational 6 month program with an high level learning component and buckets of support to transform you from Worrier to Warrior in the 4 key areas of your life; Health, Heart, Home & Hustle.

When women put themselves first, the world wins

Hear from our tribe...

Who is Nicky Thomas?

Kick-Ass Warrior Woman Nicky Thomas
has fought on the battlefield in every area of life,

She knows what it's like be deep in trenches and what it takes
to conquer the enemy within.

Known for her raw, straight forward style, Nicky will go into battle
with you but ONLY if you are willing to fight for yourself.

From growing up in a small farming community to a successful
career in the Australian Army, she's no stranger to having to assert herself among "the boys club" and how much self belief it takes to succeed in environments where you have been stereo typed.

Both in the military and now in as the Worrier to Warrior coach,
Nicky has the innate ability to teach women how to cut out all the
battle noise, listen to their inner strength and step up into the Warrior they are right now so they can take charge in every area of their life with kick-Ass confidence & certainty.

Nicky hosts We Are Kick-Ass Warrior Women events, both on and offline and specialises in tailored coaching & mentoring packages; public training on "How to go from Worrier to Warrior & take charge in your life" and facilitates a Worrier to Warrior Mastermind.

Nicky is an instigator of continuous improvement for both herself
and her clients, igniting the inner Warrior for every women because
according to Nicky, "when Women put themselves first, the world wins"

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